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At the time when there is no peace and tranquility in the country and the society lacks prosperity and understanding, everyone needs comfort, kindness and positiveness. Everyone wants a new reality. The art presents such kind of reality to us. After all, only it can draw you into another world – the unusual and unique world of creativity.
Creative people are special. After all, they don’t simply follow their vocation, but also fill our world with beauty. They introduce it with new colors, new emotions and present a new perception. Thanks to our painters we all have a place where we can find inspiration. They help us to understand that life is beautiful and unique in all of its dimensions. Galyna Konstantiuk is among those people, an artist and designer from Lviv. She creates beautiful paintings and demonstrates the world in a “new dimension”. She likes to share her creative energy with others and contribute to the development of qualitative creative society.

Nina Fedko

“I love my job. This is what makes me happy. As for the “muse”, it doesn’t live me because it never happens to me that one day I want to draw something and the other day I don’t feel like painting or nothing comes of it. My creative process is constant, endless; I create, dream and live. That’s all my life, my joy and inspiration. And do you know what I really want? - I want it to last as long as possible”.